Locally Focused

Our emphasis is on local on The Mercantile’s retail floor.

We believe supporting local business and local food is a sustainable practice for both the environment and the economy. Our retail floor is a direct reflection of the booming local foods industry in Atlanta. We are often the first to offer many new local products that have been developed right here in the Atlanta area. We are discerning in our selection process and our credibility speaks for itself when you see all the local producers we’ve worked with as they’ve gotten started in the marketplace and then burst into success. We are partnership oriented and strive to participate with and steer products, people, and companies which  truly excite us towards success.

Some of our Local partners

As a chef-driven market,

The Mercantile also puts incredible emphasis on high quality products for use in the home kitchen or consumption around the dinner table.

In addition to the local food products to be found on our retail floor, you can discover specialty grocery selections from all over the United States and the world. 

Come in and browse! And, rest assured, the quality is unquestionable.

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