Our Family meal plan service will commence the week of OCTOber 2nd.



The Mercantile’s Family Meal Plan is a great way for families on the go to put a warm meal on the table throughout the week. Two sizes are available! Chef Samantha creates a new menu every single week! 

How it works:

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No time to cook?

Family Meal Plan is BACK!

Order By 8pm Friday

For more information contact sabrina Adler for nightly dinner specials.


Once you have submitted your form, you will receive a confirmation email.  If no confirmation is received within 24 hours, please contact the shop directly at 404-378-0096.  

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This will enroll you in a weekly Family Meal Plan with automatic weekly charges corresponding to the meal size of choice.
What we can do in terms of dietary restrictions in the Family Meal Plan is very limited at this time. If you have strict food allergies, please let us know about them. A Team Merc staff member will get back with you to determine if this week's meals are right for you.
Monday Pick-Up Time *
Monday Pick-Up Time
Only between 4:00pm & 8:00pm
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Billing Address
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I hereby authorize The Mercantile, Inc. of 1660 Dekalb Avenue to charge my credit card once for the corresponding FMP size of my choice, which is to be picked up on the Monday of the following week. I understand that I must contact The Mercantile no later than 8:00pm on the Friday before the following week to cancel my order.
Once you submit your order, you will receive two confirmation emails. The first one states you have submitted. The second one states that the submission was received and your order is processed. If you do not receive the second email, please call the shop directly to inquire about your order, 404.378.0096. Thank you.